Gibsons in Germany

Serving MK's and their families at Black Forest Academy

How to Give February 7, 2012




The Gibsons are faith-supported missionaries.  This means they depend on financial donations from individuals and churches each month to fund their ministry.  The Gibsons are part of a non-profit organization called One Challenge International or OCI.  OCI processes all the Gibsons’ contributions and sends out tax-deductible receipts.


If you would like to be a part of the Gibsons’ financial support team, follow the instructions below:

There are several ways you can give to the Gibsons.

1)   Checking –The easiest for many people is to use their checking account.  This is the best way for us as it is cost free.  When sending in a check- print/fill out/mail in the following form with your check Checking form Link with the first contribution.

Send Check to:

OC International

Attn: Donor Accounting

PO Box 36900

Colorado Springs, CO 80936

****Please put the Gibsons’ account number, 110226, on the memo line of the check.  (If the Gibsons’ name is anywhere on the check, then donations are NOT tax-deductible.)  These instructions also apply if you generate your checks online through your bank.

  • If you bank online, simply add OC International as a new payee and use 110226 as the account number. 

2) Checking -Automatic withdrawal monthly–OC International can also automatically deduct funds from your checking account .  This is also cost free to us.  If you would like set up your giving this way print/fill out/mail in the following form  Link to donate via Check/Checking account every month 

3)   Credit card-You can also give automatically using your credit card via the One Challenge website.  Please be aware that the Gibsons are charged 4% of the donation by the credit card company, so donations via check/checking account are preferred. When clicking the link you will be directed to questions and then you will add us to your cart and place your order  Link to donate via credit card monthly

Please e-mail us if you have any questions by using the contact us page.

We are so appreciative of everyone who supports our ministry through their prayers and finances.  We could not accomplish what we do with you!


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