Gibsons in Germany

Serving MK's and their families at Black Forest Academy

About Us August 15, 2011

Gibsons-39Eric and Kara joined One Challenge in 2003 with a vision to teach missionary kids (MK’s) overseas.  The Gibsons were in Kenya for six years developing West Nairobi High School. (  After 6 years the school was established and functioning well. Eric and Kara felt the Lord leading them to continue their ministry in a different location.

In 2012, Eric and Kara  joined the staff of Black Forest Academy in Germany.  There they facilitate the ministry of many families living in North Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia by teaching and supporting their MK’s.  The Gibsons desire to help raise up the next generation of Christ-followers through their investment in the lives of missionary kids.

Eric and Kara thank you for your faithful prayers and support which make their ministry to missionary kids possible.

OC • P.O. Box 36900 • Colorado Springs, CO 80936-6900 • 800.676.7837


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