Gibsons in Germany

Serving MK's and their families at Black Forest Academy

Entering Fall October 24, 2012

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Dear Friends


I have been home bound the past week taking care of a sick kid with a stomach virus so I thought I would sit down since I have some free time and send out an update.


Our new Home

Eric with his AP Biology class

It feels like life has slowed down to a more manageable pace here, which is good  August –Mid October felt like life was moving faster than I was able to move.   We have gotten into a good rhythm of having one car and doing life out in the country.  It has been fun for our family to be able to spend a bit more time outdoors and to enjoy God’s creation.  It did not feel like we have been ever able to do that as a family to this extent.   The girls are enjoying finally learning to ride a bike and we were able to go on our first ever family bike ride last week to our local park.  We are continuing to settle in and are enjoying having many new families to our home for dinners as we try and make new friends in our community. Eric has been working hard with his 3 Biology classes and 2 AP classes.  The AP classes are more intense and they are taking up quite a bit of his time as they just changed curriculum and so he is having to come up with new lesson plans.   Out and about town I hear nothing but great  news about Mr. Gibson from students and parents.  They are all so excited to have such a great teacher for their kids.   I am proud that God is using my husband in his areas of gifting, it’s awesome to see what God can do through us.  We had our first game night at our house last night and it was fun connecting with missionaries in the community.


I am working on juggling several jobs this year and it has been keeping me on my toes.  Each day I get more organized but still have the feeling that I am not quite doing anything well/great.   It keeps me humbled as I work on shifting my priorities and focus on what’s important.  I have started in a women’s Bible study on the Patriarchs of the Old Testament, it has been so enriching to be back in the word with other women.  Something that I have come across so far in the study is the idea of names in the Old Testament and how important they were to the people of that day.  The study has been going through all the names of God and how God would also then give different names to the Patriarchs as His will was revealed in their lives.   The study then goes on to touch on the subject of how we as God’s people sometimes get so caught up in the life/ministry that we try to make a name for ourselves …..and not for God.   As I have come into this community of people with many gifts I find myself struggling with having a desire to make a name for myself.   Daily God is continuing to remind me that we are here for Him and for no one else.  This new life that He has brought us into is for Him alone and each day we are here I am working on letting that sink in more and more.  I am enjoying working in the Student Health office and its many activities keep me busy.  Last week we tested the elementary school for vision and hearing, this week we have a vaccination clinic , and then next week we are helping at the Basketball games keeping everyone injury free.  I am continuing to work with a Jr High student and although this isn’t in my area of gifting I am really trying to be open to all that God wants me to learn through this year and for however long he calls me to help my student.   Sometimes God doesn’t always call us to the fun ministries J and I feel like nothing He takes us through is wasted.  My Jr High student comes over in a few weeks to have a football game night as a reward for all of his hard work in the educational therapy program.  I am looking forward to connecting more with him……jr high is just a whole ‘nother world.


The girls are doing well and God has blessed us with their flexible and adjustable spirits.  They are truly soaking in the country air and greenery as well.  Kayla loves to walk up the hill behind us and see the animals and feed the horse apples from the nearby apple orchard.  Emma is enjoying riding her bike and working on riding without training wheels (this is our first house as a family where we live in a neighborhood with good streets to ride on).   She has been blessed with three special friends in her class that are wonderful little girls.  Next week she has her first slumber party.   Thank you for your continued gifts they are so special to us.  Will you continue to be in prayer with us for God’s provisions as the dollar is weakening against the Euro.

Prayer requests :

Eric- pray for new friendships to form, continued wisdom for keeping up with his AP biology classes

Kara-Peace and confidence in her new roles , for Sundays –we continue to miss our church and the folks    there may we truly settle into a new church here.

Kayla- continued prayer for her learning with Math, writing, German.  She would grow in making some new friendships

Emma-Pray she would have an obeying heart and teachable spirit.


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