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July -Getting closer to Germany July 2, 2012

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Our church commissioning

The first thing that everyone says when they see us now is either “ I thought you already left” or “When are you leaving” J   I wish I knew the exact answer to that, but as you know when you are on a faith journey with God, most often you can’t see around the next bend.   Since our last update it seems like things have kicked into high gear for us.  We have been extremely busy trying to fit in last minute visits with friends and supporters.  We have continued to visit new churches, sharing in small groups, and were commissioned by our own church for our work in Germany.

The girls finished their school year with a great ending.  They said tentative goodbyes to all of their friends and teachers.  They have really enjoyed their school that they were at but are still looking forward to a new school next year.    We are continuing to do a little school at home each day to stay up on our reading and math skills.

Kayla packed and ready to go!

Kayla has made some great progress in catching up to her peers this year and her teacher was really pleased with all of her progress.  We were concerned that she might need to repeat her grade again this year but all of her support team at school were really positive about her continuing to catch up with her class.   Yesterday we found both girls in their room sharing the gospel with a neighbor girl who said Jesus was just a fairy tale.  They had been praying for this little girl and they were showing her pictures from our Adventure Bible.  We are so encouraged to see them growing into ladies after God’s own heart.

Can you find Emma?

I have started my online Special Education class in order to help with Kayla’s education next year.  I will be an Educational Therapist Aide at the elementary school part-time in order for Kayla to be able to be a part of the Discovery program at Black Forest.   The online class has been interesting for me but now I have a greater appreciation for all of you who have gone back to school after having children.  It’s amazing that I get any schoolwork done during the day and that any of my assignments have any cohesive thought J  I was encouraged to hear the story behind the women who founded the National Institute for Learning Disabilities was a teacher/nurse who wanted to bring special education to the mission field.    I was encouraged by her faith as she struggled against many obstacles to get her program going.   One of her thoughts struck me where we are at in our process right now.  She said “The seemingly impossible is being accomplished by the God of the impossible, who takes sheer delight in proving Himself faithful to those who trust Him completely and sway neither to the right nor to the left once they are convinced of His direction for them.”

I started crying after reading this as it put into words what we are feeling at this point in our journey.  We continue to feel like God is opening the doors for Germany in the way that many of you have increased your support, through many one-time gifts we received this month totaling over $15,000, and our church partnering with us again.  While I am at the same time convinced of God’s direction for us we still can’t see around the next bend.  I think it’s the waiting to see around the bend that can sometimes be all-consuming, especially in your soul.   In my journey I feel completely at peace this month that God will lead us, I am trying to balance being excited for Germany and also being content with living each day here.  We continue to feel stuck at 81% of our monthly needs and as of today we have nothing scheduled  on our calendar for places to share.  We will be sitting down this week together to look over our budget and see if we can cut any areas down.  It’s possible God might be calling us to have faith each month for a portion of our salary after we leave for Germany.

This week we have brought out all of our suitcases and duffel bags, they total 12 bags in all plus carry-ons.  I am hoping we can fit all of our worldly possessions in them.  We are going to continue moving forward with what we can do to be prepared so that if our support comes in we can jump on a plane right away and leave.   Our house is mostly empty of furniture, our car has sold, and we are feeling like we are living a crazy life right now.   Something big is around the corner!

Can you partner with us in Prayer for :

1/ for the remaining 8% to come in the next 2 week

2/ for us to maintain our peace each day we remain here

3/ for Kara to have strength to finish her class and German language studies

4/ for all our stuff to fit in all our bags 🙂

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  We are truly blessed !!!!!!


One Response to “July -Getting closer to Germany”

  1. Darren Says:

    I enjoyed watching our kids have fun together I look forward to the next visit Also the picture of the laying of hands prayer brings up emotions for me also I’ve experienced that also and I’m so glad my sis met a humbled man

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