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The Lemonade Campaign June 16, 2012

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We are launching a new campaign today! Inspired by our children we are hoping this new way of partnering with us will help us in getting to Germany next month.  If you are already our partner will you pray with us today for this new campaign for the next month as we share it on Facebook and with all of our friends.

We have been having a difficult time with finding new partners for our ministry  in California this past year and many other missionaries are encountering the same problem as well.    Just yesterday I began praying that God would give us new ideas and opportunities for partnerships.   He began giving me the idea that many hands make light work.

A few months ago when talking with our kids about why we are missionaries and how God is going to get us to Germany Kayla said to us “Mom we just need to have a lemonade stand to make money to get us to Germany.”   Laughing inwardly I thought wow we would need to sell a lot of  lemonade to get us to Germany!   So in honor of our kids faith we are launching a new campaign…..

The Lemonade Campaign  – Small investments with BIG returns for God’s kingdom!

What if 300 people came together with us each month to invest in our “Lemonade” stand?   What if these friends donated only $10 month?  That’s $2.50 each week or one small drink at Starbucks or Coke at a restaurant each week.   So we are personally asking each of our friends and family to consider joining us in our new Lemonade Campaign.   We are at 67% of our monthly needed support and now we are starting our countdown with 300 monthly partners to make our lemonade stand a success.  Since I started this letter a week ago we have since received over 20 new partners, so now we are in need of only 280 more .  We are hoping to leave at the end of June and with your help we can make that happen!   You can invest in our lemonade stand monthly or with a one-time gift each year.

The Lemonade Campaign

Please consider being one of the investors in our Lemonade business and contact us today to join.

Eric and Kara Gibson


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