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The Waiting Time March 23, 2012

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Our Faith Journey to Germany

There come periods of time in everyone’s life where you find yourself waiting.   Whether it is for something anticipated, something you want to avoid or something in between.  These past few months the Lord has really given us a sense of peace in the waiting.  The peace has been so comforting especially when the support raising has been a slow process.  In November I remember feeling extremely anxious about leaving for Germany and wondering if it was ever really going to happen. God has really been transforming my view of faith and growing me in regards to waiting with a sense of promise.   I have always seen myself as having faith like “doubting Thomas”.  I need the physical proof and the tangible evidence of God’s leading.  This year I have really been challenged by God to focus on His will and then all other desires will fall into their place.   I have faith for today that He continues to lead us in missions and will continue to walk in that path until he provides or says “No”.   It has been a process to give up our most cherished desires and to only desire His will, but in doing that I have been given a peace that passes all understanding.   So what does that look like for us today?   We have bought furniture already in Germany and we got on Amazon and ordered our duffel bags and action packers to prepare for packing up our stuff for Germany.   Do we know if we will use them?  Not sure, but this I am confident of, if He says no to Germany then He will give us a new adventure.  He will continue to lead.

Hoping for July

We continue to move forward with our plans for Germany and leaving in July.   We have been busy networking in our area with our local church and small groups.  The past two months have been filled with many days and nights of sharing our story and what God is doing in our lives.  We are continuing to pursue new contacts through churches where we have never shared before and new small groups.  It has been a slow process in finding new ministry partners the past few months and this last week Eric and I sat down and prayed for God to really open the floodgates in April .   We are asking Him to show us that Germany is still his provision for us and for encouragement as well.   After we prayed for the floodgates to open we received several emails in response to something we had sent out to a group of people.   We were overwhelmed by their response and generosity in new gifts they wanted to give for our ministry.   So the gates are opening and we are encouraged.

Kids Update

The girls are continuing to grow into great young women of God.   The past few months they have really enjoyed being near family, celebrating more American holidays, and trips to the beach.    Emma continues to become an avid reader and is loving trying to read signs on the road, things on the calendar, and has started trying to write her own books.  Kayla has progressed to chapter books and is really picking up her pace in catching up to her class in reading.  Her teacher says she has made great progress this year and is improving in many of her goals for education.   They are optimistic that she will catch up to her grade level within a few years.    We are working with the school in Germany to see if they can accommodate her needs so we continue to pray for God’s provision in her life.

Prayer Requests

1) The Lord would open the floodgates of support this month with individual supporters and networking with new churches (we really need to start seeing movement by the end of April).

2) We are in the process of converting our California license into a Colorado one because of strict German laws.  If this doesn’t happen it could cost us up to $4,000 to take driving lessons and written test for a new German license.

3) We continue to wait on a final acceptance for Kayla to attend our new school.  It is possible I might need to help with the Special Ed. Dept in order for her to attend.


One Response to “The Waiting Time”

  1. Eric and Kara,
    We are praying for you and continue to trust that God will have you here in His time! Have you heard the exciting news that we will hopefully have another OC family, Chris and Christine Leverette (and their three children, 2 girls and a boy), here with us in the near future as well. We are praying for them as well and looking forward to seeing how God is going to build our team together here again. You are making some GREAT preparations for your move here and we think that will make your transition easier. We’re praying with you!
    Dan & Michelle, Hannah, Rachelle, and Kathleen (and Little Tebbe #4)

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