Gibsons in Germany

Serving MK's and their families at Black Forest Academy

Winter Update/Launching our New Ministry January 14, 2012

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This winter we have been busy trying to soak up time with family and friends.   At the beginning of December we were able to take the kids back to Biola University for their annual tree lighting.  It was fun to be able to share with the kids where we met and where we first decided we were going to be missionaries.   We had fun singing, hearing the Christmas story, and the kids played in the fake snow they had blowing in the wind.  Afterwards we met several friends from our college days for cookies and hot chocolate.  Truly a fun night!

We enjoyed going with the kids to cut down a real Christmas tree and it was quite the adventure trying to get it to stand upright in our apartment.   We all enjoyed the smell of fresh tree for a month.   This was our first Christmas in the US in 7 years so we tried to fit in all the Christmas we could.   We had fun taking the kids to houses that were decked out for Christmas and they loved looking at all the moving santas, reindeer and snowmen.   We had Christmas early with Kara’s family and then travelled to Minnesota to be with Eric’s family for Christmas day.   They were having an extremely warm winter so it only snowed a little one day.  Our kids were bummed that there wasn’t any hills to sled down so we went around the neighborhood shoveling snow off the street into our wagon and brought it back to our yard to lay a little strip of snow for sledding.  Kayla especially enjoyed playing in the snow that there was and watching it fall from the sky for the first time.  It was a new experience for us to be with family at Christmas and it was a blessing to be with loved ones.

The beginning of January has found us gearing up for the next 5 months of sharing with our church community what we will be doing in Germany.    We have been busy putting together our presentation and really seeking God on what it is He wants us to share with everyone.   Everyday I have to remind myself that we are doing this for Him and He alone.   It is our prayer in the next few months that people’s eyes will be opened to the world of missions and what God is doing around the world.

We are still hoping to leave this July for Germany and are really praying for at least 100 new ministry partners.   We are praying for individuals who would like to be a part of our ministry for a commitment of 2 years.  We will likely be going out for longer than this, but two years is a good start.  Will you pray this with us that in the next 6 months the Lord will provide exactly what we need and that we will continue to seek His will most of all even above our desire to go to Germany?


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