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Our first fall in America November 20, 2011

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     This past month we have been enjoying our first fall as a whole family in America.  The girls were excited to buy pumpkins and carve them.  We went to a pumpkin festival at their school, a family night of fun at a local church and also trick or treating with some friends.

The girls loved all of the activities especially the time at a local church playing all the games.   We enjoyed that all the activities were free.  It was fun watching them trying to figure out trick or treating.  They loved getting free candy but were a little tired of walking after about 10 minutes 🙂

We feel like we are finally settling in to life in America and that we are just now taking a deep breath.   We are helping plant our church’s new campus in the city near us and are leading the teams for setting up each Sunday and the resource table.  We joined a new small group in our area and so for the first time in a long time feel a part of a functioning church again.
In our November newsletter we talked about our support raising journey and our struggles with the process.  In October I really felt like I journeyed through a very dark valley of doubt .  I felt for the first time in a long time some spiritual oppression in regards to my struggle with my faith in God ‘s will for our lives this year.  It was like something I haven’t felt before like a weight was on my chest and for short periods of time the issue felt really heavy.   I asked our small group to pray for me and my process with releasing this issue to God .  The next day it felt like the oppression had lifted.  I know that this journey of trusting God for our future will continue to be a growth process for me this year.  I am trying daily to lay down our future before God and learning to trust that He has a plan for us.   One small way I did this just last week was to start buying winter stuff for our days in Germany.  This will be my first time living through an actual winter and Eric hasn’t lived in the cold since he left home for college.  I know it might sound silly but buying a winter coat and boots was a big step for me this month but I’m trying to show God that I have faith in his plans for us.   I’m sure that we all have those things in our lives that we are working on releasing.   I encourage you to take one day at a time and release those things each day.   That is what God is showing me this month.

We have started meeting with friends and family and sharing our new adventure.  It has started out a little slow, but we enjoy sharing our story of God’s faithfulness and his work in and through us.  If you are part of a small group and would like to have us come share, we would be happy to.  Just call or email us to set it up.  We are already putting together meetings for next year.

Our family is looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving in America for the first time in seven years.  It was surreal celebrating a holiday like Thanksgiving in Kenya when virtually no one else was.  Our girls are enjoying connecting with their home culture and we are enjoying introducing them to things for the first time this fall and it has been fun to watch their joy and excitement.

We would really appreciate your prayers during this time.  Fundraising is a very humbling and sometimes frustrating process that is taking a lot out of us.  Pray that God would continue to bring in the funds we need to leave for Germany in June.  We are so thankful for you and your prayers.

Would you pray for us the following things

1/ Our faith in God’s provision would be first and foremost, even when ministry events are not well attended

2/ God would continue to reveal his plan for us this year and we would be open to hearing it

3/ growth for Kayla as she continues to try to catch up with her age mates at school



2 Responses to “Our first fall in America”

  1. susanmarie Says:

    Loved reading your update. Yay for some winter clothes! Yes, that’s such a tangible step of faith. We’re praying for God’s provision to come in by June. It is such an honor to get to be part of your team, and I’m sure the rest of your team feels the same – know that. We’re praying for more partners who feel the same way! Be encouraged. We would just love to come to one of your small group times – wish we weren’t so far. I’m so looking forward to seeing how God provides for you all this year – because He will! =) And you will be putting on those winter boots before you know it! =)

  2. Peter Shambrook Says:

    Hey Eric and Kara – we are continuing to pray for you. I so love your honesty and you have been a blessing to us all in Orange.

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