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The Beginning of a New Adventure October 3, 2011

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Welcome to our new blog!  As many of you can see we are at a new address as we get ready for the next adventure God has for us.   We had so many problems with our last blog that it was really hard to update from Kenya.   We are praying that we can find this one easier to navigate and that we will be able to stay better in touch while we are overseas.  On the right sidebar you will notice a subscribe area .  It would be so helpful to us if you can subscribe to the blog that way when we update it I don’t have to go searching for everyone’s email to let them know of our news but you will automatically get updates.

As you may already know from our September letter, God has been moving us into a new direction for the last year.   About a year and a half ago the Lord started leading us to ask ourselves if maybe He might be concluding our time in Kenya.   We felt great about what He allowed us to accomplish in Kenya and proud that our high school grew under Eric’s leadership and have since graduated two classes.   It was a funny thing to experience God’s leading us into a time of transition away from Kenya and into a new place.  It is a feeling I can’t describe.  We had many people over the years praying for us in Kenya that we would have a peace and excitement living there and that we would be safe while living there.  Within a month of us feeling like Kenya was going to come to a conclusion it was like the Lord lifted a veil from our life there and we had a much harder time living there.  We didn’t feel his peace as much anymore, it became much harder for us to be content living there, and the fear for our safety was difficult at times.    Through many things over that next year we truly felt God releasing us from Kenya, but also telling us that he wasn’t done with us yet.       So the last few months in Kenya were spent closing things up, making sure the different jobs Eric had at school could be taken over by new leaders, and we began the big task of selling our 2 cars and all of our possessions.     So all that to say when we arrived in America in June we were a bit burnt out.

The past few months from June -August have been refreshing to our souls as were able to spend time in Minnesota with Eric’s family for a month.  In July we spent time with Kara’s family and then traveled north for Eric to officiate the wedding for our two teachers from Kenya.  It was a great time of sharing their special day as we had been mentoring them the past year.

August found us searching for a place to live, getting the kids enrolled into school, and trying to find our new pace for life in America.   It was a bit of a rough start for Kayla as she was adjusting to a new school, teacher, friends , and having to get back into the routine of being gone from home for many hours.   The Lord blessed her with a wonderful Christian teacher, a Christian special education teacher , and a Christian Speech teacher.   She has been blessed by God this year to have so many people trying to help her succeed.   Emma has entered Kindergarten with excitement and joy at making new friends.   The girls are sharing a room this year which is a first in their lives and we are trying to make it a positive transition.  I think they are really becoming friends and enjoy playing with each other.

September for Eric and I has been more busy than we thought it would be.   In August we sat down with our church and found out the church was moving in a different direction for its missions programs and that they would be discontinuing their support for all of their missionaries.  This was not something we had anticipated so it has encouraged us to work hard this month in preparation for meeting with lots of new missions contacts.  We are really trying to soak in the peace of being back in our home country and enjoy the extra time we have for connecting with family and friends.

We have been officially accepted by our Germany Team in Europe and are now in the process of getting all the details in place for our move to Germany July 2012.   We feel God’s leading us to this new school and can see the many ways we can bring our strengths and everything we have learned in Kenya to this new missionary community.   We are going to be able to have more ministry than we actually did in Kenya due to the population at Black Forest Academy.   The amount of missionary families we will be serving will be substantially more than those we were serving in Kenya.   The student’s parents are serving in Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Europe all the way up into Russia.

Many people have asked us since we have been back if we will miss Kenya at all.  My answer has changed over the past few months since we have been home as I have had time to gain perspective.   I can say now that there are things about Kenya we will miss….the friendships we made there and the families God allowed us to minister to.  Kenya has been a time of refining for us as a family and we will never forget what we experienced there from poverty to the beautiful plains of the Masai Mara.  Especially we will  never forget how we met God in a new way there and all the roads of growth that He led us down.   For all of these things we will be eternally grateful for our time in Kenya.

Our prayer requests at this time:

1/ will you pray for us this entire year as we have a large amount of support to raise – $ 4,000 a month to get us to Germany.  We need to seek God for his provision and rely on Him to get us to Germany .  With such a large amount we need to raise we can only do it if we rely on God.

2/ will you pray for our rest this month and that the Lord would continue working to renew us in our spirits, preparing us for new ministry.

Thank you all for your prayer and support!    Please see our second post below for our new video.


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